Saturday, 12 May 2012

Space Rockets and Aliens

Deacons new apron

Some time last year Teej purchased some fabric to cover a lamp shade for Deacon's room, well it never happened, she found a rocket shaped wall light instead and so the fabric was put aside. Deacon has a space themed bedroom and this fabric is covered in space ships, rockets, aliens, and robots.  This week she bought some more fabric to make a little apron for Deacon, he often stands at the kitchen bench while she is cooking and helps. While browsing through the shop we came across the craft section and found some light weight wooden rocket shapes, these could be painted or covered with paper or fabric. We had been talking earlier about using the fabric she had purchased to make something for his bedroom walls, so she bought one of the rocket shapes that we could use as a template.  This morning I have been playing with designs, and I have made one and am waiting for Teej to have a look and give her approval before continuing with more, I think it will need some stars as well.

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  1. Looks great. I might have to employ your services to help decorate the boys room.