Monday, 4 November 2013

Where is my unpick?

Melbourne Cup Day today,  the horse race that supposedly stops the nation, if you follow horse racing you will know this race is big..... it is a public holiday here in Melbourne.  Have you ever heard of a public holiday for a horse race before, most people use this time to have a lunch with friends, watch the race via the television, have a few glasses of champagne and eat far too much.    Those who go to Flemington to witness the race will dress in their finery, men and women alike and be amoungst one hundred thousand others people all fighting for a position to hopefully see the big race.    I have been to this race day only once and believe me once was enough, far too many people.      Me.... what did I do today, well I woke early and decided to spend some time in the garden before it warmed up, I trimmed my roses, pulled the parsley that had taken over the garden and swept the paving where my grandsons had spread the crushed terracotta,  and all this before lunch.    After lunch I decided to tackle something I have been putting off, an attempt at something for the Christmas Challenge for my quilting group.   I have decided on three inch log cabins for the background, actually it has to be log cabin, that is part of the challenge,   what I will do then I'm not sure I have several ideas but will decide once I have these done.  I have been sewing these by hand and it has taken me two hours to do four.     Everything was going so well, I had four done and then I looked at them,  what have I done, where is my unpick?   I've  made a mistake, see if you can spot it.   Damn, now I only have two complete and two I will have to unpick and do again.
  I need six in total, so I guess this is what I will be doing tonight. 


  1. Believe me I know just how you must feel. I HATE when I mess up and have to use a ripper or take out by hand to correct. The thing is we all do it! So don't be too hard on yourself. You have gotten more done in a morning than many do all day. My best. Diane

    1. After ripping out the mistakes I have not gone back to those two little blocks, I did finish the other two though. I've been busy helping my son clean the house they have just vacated, after helping with the move, I have been tired so I've been relaxing a bit this week. Best wishes Wendy