Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday is market day

Fresh asparagus, cherries, olive oil dressing and basket
The first Sunday of the month is market day in the little town up and over the hill from where I live.  I love going to this market because the fresh produce is locally grown, there is a huge array of different stalls, plants, gifts, fresh breads, cakes, jams, olive oils etc.   This morning I arrived early, always best if you want a good parking space, and the weather was predicted to be showers and cool, yesterday was very warm and today just the reverse, typical Spring weather.   I came across a stall selling wonderful grass baskets, different shapes and sizes, the women selling these told me they are made by women in Ghana from elephant grass, 60% of the sale of the baskets will go bach to the community to support women and children.  I decided I would buy one of the baskets, but which one, it took me awhile before I made the decision as to which one it would be.   I really do hope that the funds from the sale of these baskets do go to these women.     I was able to buy some wonderfull local cherries, asparagus and an olive oil and verjuice dressing before my phone rang.   My friends who live near by would meet me for coffee, then the rain came down so we went to a cafe where we sat and talked for awhile, before my daughter rang to say she was just parking her car and would meet me.   We were wet and cold by the time she bought her free range eggs, some lovely berry jam and some breakfast cereal.    We decided it would be a much better idea to come home and dry off,  and in her words " wrap herself in her quilt cave and watch a movie this afternoon".



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    1. Diane it usually is a lovely day but this time I was soaked and cold, I'm looking forward to next month when I will buy some gifts for Christmas and hopefully the weather will be warm. How was your trip?