Monday, 18 November 2013

Men and machines

The works have begun on the parkland across the street from my house.   Early starts to my mornings this past week, the men and machinery complete with their generators have been arriving just before 7am.   Today I decided to leave the house for awhile just to get away from the noise.     So far they have almost completed the new walking paths that extend the whole perimetre of the park.  We have been informed the new gazeebo and bbque area as well as garden beds will be completed before Christmas.  This will bring more people to the park, which until now has been nothing but a wide open space, I'm looking forward to see what it will become.     
In the front of my house I have a gum tree, over the past three years a magpie family have taken up residence in a nest in this tree.  It has been so nice to wake to the sound of their warbles first thing in the morning, they have a young one that I could see over the top of the nest this morning but, by the time I came inside to get the camera I could'nt see it anymore. So I only have a photo of the nest.


  1. Totally awesome! I always feed the birds in the winter usually starting around Thanksgiving. My husband bought me a new bird feeder last week in fact. I hung it and filled it yesterday afternoon. It was the most pleasant of all of yesterday's activities by far. Love the blue skies too. Cloudy and overcast here for part of the day. Very cold too. Woke up to 30 degrees F. this morning. That is below freezing.
    So enjoy your warm days and think of us shivering away! Diane

  2. Brrrrr, thankfully we do not have below freezing tempretures, often it hovers around freezing overnight but is always warmer during the day. Only once in the 32 years that I have lived here has it snowed, and then it was just a light cover that thawed during late morning. My daughter was an exchange student to Germany one year, she loved the snow, not the icy paths though. Best wishes Wendy