Thursday, 19 July 2012

Missing stitches

Tyler and Casey
  A short while ago I was speaking to my dad and told him of Tylers return visit to the vet tomorrow to have the stitches removed from when he was desexed  two weeks ago.  Dad started laughing, and then told me about a puppy he had when he was younger, this little puppy had been born with an inverted eyelid and dad took it to Lort Smith Animal Hospital to have it repaired.   He was asked to bring the pup back in a week to have the stitches removed. Dad went back the following week, the vet took one look at the puppy and asked why dad was there  "to remove the stitches" said dad "what stitches" replied the vet.   Dad hadn't noticed that the puppy or it's playmate had removed the stitches.  Dad said he felt like an idiot as he took the puppy home.  This got me wondering,  so I called Tyler over to check his wound and,  guess what, no stitches, he had removed them himself.    I have just phoned the vet to cancel the appointment. oh, clever dog.

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