Friday, 11 January 2013


I've said in previous blogs I have lived in this house four years.  Over this time I have been searching for light fitings for most of the rooms,  I have looked in a lot of shops and most of the fittings are too modern for me, so I just keep looking.    I do have two beautiful leadlight shades I took from the previous house, replacing them with other shades before I left.    My husbands sister made these for me so I had a sentimental reason for taking them down.   I have been meaning to have them installed here but have put it off and then forgot about them.    I recently came across the box they were stored in while taking down christmas decorations.    I asked my sons father-in-law Frank if he would install them along with Daniels help,  Daniel would have to go up into the roof cavity to secure the light fitting to a beam because of it's weight, this would be no mean feat for someone who hates spiders.    He found this a difficult job, along with the spiders there was'nt much room in the roof space to move around the heating and cooling ducting.    I'm now happy to see this beautiful light fitting up and sharing the limelight with it's mate the standard lamp.   The other shade will be next but not sure which room it will live in.

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